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trisha ventker

Voted #2 in Denver's A-List, Trisha Ventker concentrates on creating powerful fine art portraiture and lifestyle photographic art. Imagination is endless. When Trisha consults her clients, she discusses creating a fascinating and professional portrait for their social media family portraiture. Ventker has captured the magic of life through her lens for over 30 years. 

Trisha Ventker is an award-winning portrait photographer that provides her clients with works of art destined to become family heirlooms.  Ventker of Enchant and Inspire is located in Erie, Colorado.  

As a former teacher (20 years) she has the extensive experience to engage and entertain children during family sessions. Ventker has had the luxury to travel to many exotic locales during holiday, which shows in her photography making her art pop and display more of a candid and photojournalistic style than the typical posed portraits you generally see. Trisha Ventker has created a lot of still and moving art for herself and others.

She's made it her lifetime goal to be as creative as possible, in both art and personally. Ventker's passion is about making special moments stand still, and that is what she accomplishes through her art. Her priority is the use of natural light and vibrant colors. For Trisha, life is art. The passion to create art is not just an option, it is built into her very DNA. Creating art is as natural as breathing for Trisha Ventker.

Being a published author allows Trisha to use words to create images. The power of pure art never seizes to fascinate her.

Although a native New Yorker, Trisha exhibited her work throughout North America. There is a lot of thought she puts into each session, both before and during, however the biggest part of Trisha's work takes place once the session is over, when she sits down in front of her mac, opens the raw images, and processes each selected photo individually to transform them into pieces of art.

Just see the world as she does for a moment and sit back and relax.